Our love for the epic decade has inspired us to reinvent (and obsess over) some of our favorite almost-forgotten trends and goods. This time we’re getting crafty with our ’90s-lovin’ selves to bring you some inspiration for one of our all-time fave materials: Perler beads. Reminiscent of LEGOs but with much more versatility, these little nuggets of nostalgia are the perfect medium to add some color and fun to your life. From jewelry to art to stationery, these super affordable DIYs will have you feeling like your old kid self again sans braces, pimples and a perm, of course.

1. Coasters: This Perler-bead hack makes our hearts go a-flutter. And our coffee tables stay cocktail-ring free. (via Brit + Co)

2. iPad Case: We’ve already shown you how to whip up your own tablet case. Now you can deck it out even more with some fun + bright Perler patterns. (via Aydan and Derya)

3. Bangles: Up your wrist-party game with pops of color as far as the eye can see. (via DIY Candy)

4. Flowery Notebook: Pretty Perler flowers? Yes, please! We have a feeling that after putting together just one of these flowers, we’ll want to slap them on just about everything. (via Eilen Tein)

5. Woven Planter: Woven Perler beads make for some amazing and unique patterns. These colorful planter covers are just the thing for your spring garden. (via The 3 R’s)

6. Chevron Necklaces: Who knew chevron plus Perler beads could look so chic? (via The Crafted Sparrow)

7. Fruit Keychain: Whip up a bunch of these easy-peasy, fruit-inspired charms to use on your keychain, as magnets or for whatever else your heart desires. (via My Poppet)

8. Coin Purse: Another woven Perler beaut, this coin purse is perfect for knickknacks, makeup or your night-out essentials. (via Style Design Create)

9. ABCs: This fun, bright and patterned alphabet is great for your fridge or the kiddo’s room. (via 1+1+1=1)

10. Cassette Tapes: Bring in even more ’90s throwback action with these adorable cassettes. (via Anna Weinreich)

11. Candle Votive: Looking for a quick (and affordable) housewarming gift? Weave up one of these bright-patterned votives. (via MinieCo)

12. Clutch: Stop! Save that give-away-pile clutch for some cool Perler bead patterns. (via Elsa Muse)

13. Magnets: We’re thinking this would be a super fun DIY to do with the little ones. (via Fräulein Wunder)

14. Necklaces: How cute are these necklaces? We are loving the mint, pink and B+W color combo here. (via The Crafted Sparrow)

15. Greeting Cards: Whether you decide to go Pac-Man-style or stick to the traditional presents, these DIY cards are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face. (via A Spoonful of Sugar)

16. Watermelon Bracelet: Welcome summer in style with a bracelet inspired by your favorite refreshing fruit. (via Handmade Charlotte)

17. Perler Garland: Tired of making garlands only to have them rip or get damaged during cleanup? Make these awesome decorations for party goods that’ll last for years to come. (via Paper + Pin)

18. Perler Bead Coasters Kit ($19): Emojis, watermelon and perler beads? Our inner ’90s kid and modern-day techy selves just squealed with excitement.

Has your love for all things Perler returned? Which DIY are you feelin’? Let us know in the comments below!