We’re on a bit of a pets spree here at Brit + Co. And today comes the fun part: TOYS! Gone are the days of a plain plastic Frisbee. Now there are toys for every pup personality and cat constitution. We’ve gathered up our 20 favorite new toys, plus we’re sharing the favorite toy of the dogs that spend 9-5 at Brit HQ. Don’t forget to submit your pet’s favorite toy (or toys!) below.

Lips, Tongue, Stache Toys

1. Lips, Tongue, Stache Toys ($20): This toy might be more for you than for your pet. It’s a great chew toy, and will give you a chuckle each time your pup plays with it.

Cat Scratch DJ

2. Cat Scratch DJ ($35): You know we love a pun, so this turntable that plays on both meanings of scratch is a must-have for all our feline friends.

Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy

3. Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy ($30): Perfect for both cats and dogs this laser spins around and gives your four-legged friend a chase.

Floats My Boat Buoy Toys

4. Floats My Boat Buoy Toys ($14 each): Going along with our theme of beautifully designed pet products (check out our favorite pet beds and bowls), these buoy toys are our new favorites. Plus, they float so if your pup is a lake dog, you can play fetch off the dock.

Orbee Tuff Mazee

5. Orbee-Tuff Mazee ($17): This clear ball will give your pup a challenge. Stash a few treats inside, and Fido will have to roll it around until he gets the treats to shake out.

Cat Whack A Mole

6. Cat Whack a Mole ($10): We showed you this in last week’s Brit List but we couldn’t leave it out of this round up. You’ll have hours of fun with your cat and this toy. The question is who’s faster: you or Mr. Whiskers?

Chuck It Ball Launcher

7. Chuck It Ball Launcher ($11): Give your dog an even better workout when playing fetch by using the Chuck It. You’ll throw farther (and make them run harder) than you ever have before.

Cosmic Catnip Bubbles

8. Cosmic Catnip Bubbles ($5): Your cat probably likes bubbles already. Why not drive her wild (in a good way) with these catnip-scented ones?

Back to Cool Paperclip Chew Toy

9. Back to Cool Paperclip Chew Toy ($8 each): Perfect for August, which is office supply and organization month here at Brit HQ, these paper clip chew toys are perfect for the pooches in your office. (They also have some push pin toys, we’re eyeing.)


10. Zisc Glow in the Dark Disc ($12): If your pup is a night owl, buy this disc immediately. You’ll both be able to find it for late night games of fetch, and all it takes is five minutes of sunlight (or lamp light) to charge up.

Undercover Mouse

11. Undercover Mouse ($26): This toy will keep your cats busy for hours. The electronic mouse spins around under the mat, and pops out on occasion, driving your kitty wild. These three cats seem determined to outsmart that mouse—take a look!

Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine

12. Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine ($20): We’re going to bet that your dog loves bubbles, too. And he’ll probably love these bubbles even more because they are bacon-scented!

Hagen Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

13. Hagen Catit Design Senses Play Circuit ($40): Go for the value bundle on this one. All the nooks and crannies will challenge your kitten or cat and keep their senses honed. You can also add catnip balls to make it even more fun.

Pet Treat Launcher

14. Pet Treat Launcher ($16): Yes, this gadget looks quite questionable, but the enjoyment (and exercise) your pooch will get from chasing after his treats outweighs the design.


15. iFetch ($75): A successfully funded Kickstarter, the iFetch is a ball launcher for dogs that keeps your hands from getting drool all over them. Plus, it saves your throwing arm. Keep an eye on their website to find out when pre-orders are available.

Dog Turbo Interactive

16. Nina Ottosson Dog Turbo Interactive Toy ($50): Teach your dog new tricks with this wooden toy. Four out of the six pegs they can slide with their noses dispense treats, it’ll be trial and error until they find them.


17. Fling-Ama-String ($24): The beauty of this toy is in its simplicity. Even with all the high-tech gadgets a simple string can still entertain your cat for hours.

Hydro Bone

18. Hydro Bone ($9): Saturate this bone with water (and stick it in the freezer if it’s really hot out). The core will absorb water and release it as your dog chomps on it. It’s a sneaky way to keep your pet hydrated while playing.


19. Moochews ($15–$45): We’ll admit we’re a bit weirded out by these toys made from the rubber tubes used to milk cows. But they are thoroughly cleaned, and supposedly drive dogs wild. Would you buy one?


20. Twitch Automatic Teaser Cat Toy ($18): This compact toy has a suction cup that sticks to any smooth surface (we’d recommend the coffee table), and gets your kitten all riled up—if only to wear her out so she sleeps through the night.


Bonus! Kong (from $7): While most dog owners don’t need any introduction to Kong, we had to include it here. Mostly because it is the favorite toy of the puppy gang at Brit HQ.

What’s your pet’s favorite toy? Tell us in the comments!