You’ve barely had a chance to decide whether you’d rather channel the wacky wardrobes of Katy or Cara this Halloween when a costume choice even more important than your own has now come up: how you’re gonna dress up your pet. Thanks to the launch of PetSmart’s 2014 Halloween collection, this is a decision that has to be made, like right now.

According to Racked, the pet supplies giant dropped its widespread costume line today, which includes an expanded selection of easy-wear “rider” costumes that rest on to the backs of your furry friends. Selections are as playful as ever from brands like Martha Stewart, Disney + Marvel/DC, including tutued superhero costumes, a monster “hoodie” that makes Fido even more of a furball and a strap-on three-scoop banana split (sundaes are the new hot dogs, btw). But the best news is that even your smaller pets are invited to the costume party. PetSmart is slinging costume options for reptiles and even guinea pigs, which means not only have all of our wildest dreams come true, but we’ll most definitely be expanding the Brit + Co pet costume contest this year.

Visit Racked for even more so-cute snaps of the costumes in action.

Now allll you’re thinking about is pets + costumes, right (#sorrynotsorry). Tell us about your most creative pet costume to date, and share which ideas you have in the works for this Halloween in the comments below.

(h/t + photos Racked)