Battery life is the number one complaint when it comes to iPhone user satisfaction. More worrisome is the fact that the iPhone 6S actually has a lower battery capacity than the iPhone 6 (though reports say that the battery life is supposedly “identical to its predecessor.”) If only the hydrogen battery that charges your phone for a whole week were already a thing!

While there’s nothing you can do about Apple’s (or any other smartphone company’s) preset limitations for your battery, there are things you can do that can seriously harm your battery life. One of the most common atrocities people commit against their smartphones (be it Android, iPhone or whatever you fancy) is leaving the phone plugged in when your phone is already fully charged.


Don’t do this. The reason why this is detrimental to you battery life, according to the folks at Tech Insider, is because the lithium ion batteries in our smart gadgets are in high “stress” mode when plugged into a power source. Charging your phone for extended periods —leaving it plugged in well after you’ve charged to 100 percent — will actually wear out the tech inside your battery over time. The analogy they use from Battery University is to think of charging your phone like “flexing muscles.” You need to unplug it, because that’s like “relaxing the muscles after strenuous exercise.”

To continue the analogy, interval training can be a more effective workout than extended exercise. Try charging your phone in shorter “bursts” of time, and they would even advise avoiding charging your battery in full if at all possible. According to Battery University, high voltage actually runs down your battery.

We all have a serious phobia of our phones dying during the day, but try this out. Perhaps with this trick, your battery could last for *more* than a day.

Hey, it’s okay to dream.

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(h/t Tech Insider)