The time has come, people. Here at Brit + Co, we鈥檝e been in Halloween mode for some time now, but with October鈥檚 official arrival, it鈥檚 just about time that the rest of the world catch up to speed. If you鈥檙e struggling to think of聽what you鈥檒l dress up as this year, Pinterest might be able to help you out. The DIY destination has recently announced their most pinned Halloween costumes 鈥 and folks, it looks like it鈥檚 all about the 鈥90s this year. If you鈥檙e in need of a little bit of inspiration, scroll on down to see the top trending costumes.


1. Powerpuff Girls: Because who can forget about our favorite adventure-loving 鈥90s superheroes? Not only is this costume super recognizable, but it鈥檚 also really easy to put together. (via Pinterest)


2.聽Mario Kart: These nostaligic costumes聽super colorful, but we鈥檙e guessing you鈥檒l have the best Halloween ever most because of those IRL Mario Kart races that are bound to happen. (via Imgur)


3.聽Green Army Men from Toy Story: Make yourself look like a statue and then suddenly聽start dancing to really give people a Halloween spook! (via Photos by Rikki)


4.聽The Spice Girls: This classic pick is always a winner. However, if you want a fun update to this popular costume, we vote you follow our lead and go for the punny version. (via Brit + Co)


5. Rugrats: With recent talk of a Rugrats revival, the time to dress as your favorite kid鈥檚 cartoon is definitely now. Take a hint from Mae Whitman, Sarah Ramos, Alia Shawkat and聽Michael Angarano聽and go full 鈥90s on this thing. (Photo via Funny or Die)


6.聽Magic School Bus: This magical, wacky teacher will always have a special place in our hearts. (via Stars and Sunshine)


7.聽Carmen San Diego: She鈥檚 mysterious, she鈥檚 informative and her outfit is super cool. (via What I Wore)


8.聽Forrest and Lt Dan: Putting together this hilarious couple鈥檚 costume will be easy. What you really need to prepare yourself for is the number of times people are going to shout 鈥淩un Forest, Run!鈥 at you throughout the night. (via Brit + Co)

9.聽Saved by the Bell: Throw it back to some of the best and wildest trends of the 鈥90s with this fun TV costume. (via E! News)

A Family Celebration 2001

10.聽Justin and Britney: RIP our favorite celebrity couple ever. (Photo via Kevin Winter)

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Share with us in the comments below.