Placemats — they’re the middle sister of the dining world, always overshadowed by sparkling silverware and cute china. But hey, you can’t dress a pretty table without ’em. Dipping temps mean you have lots of holiday bashes to plan, and we’ve got you covered tablescape-wise with these 27 totally cute placemat picks. Now you just have to remember if the salad fork goes on the left or the right.

1. Vinterfint Placemat ($4): This IKEA placemat, woven with natural materials, runs circles around the competition.

2. Paint Chip Placemats ($32): Brighten up your table with these on-trend ombre placemats that mimic paint chips (each “paint” color has a cute name, too!).

3. Crochet Table Mat ($40): Channel your inner cool grandma when you set the table with these retro babies.

4. Thanksgiving Placemats ($45): The perfect placemat for T-Day dinner — because you know your guests are going to be Instagramming the turkey.

5. Gingham Check Placemat ($8): Imbue your table with a classy Scottish vibe, courtesy of these smart checks in cool colors.

6. Bunting and Banner Paper Placemat ($26): We all know it’s true: The best restaurants are the ones with paper tablecloths and crayons. Bring the fun home with these chic paper placemats. Be sure to have guests write their names in the banner!

7. Copperpot Placemat ($8): All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it’s copper. Up the glam with a set of copper foil-printed mats.

8. Center Stripe Woven Placemat ($12): Keep it simple with a single solid stripe in an interesting color for a major graphic punch.

9. Skye Zambrana “Yay” Placemat ($18): This placemat sums up how we’re all feeling when a delish dinner is served.

10. Water Hyacinth Placemat ($56): Go au naturel at the table when you use woven, dye-free mats like these.

11. Grey Vertical Strokes Placemats ($25): Bring a touch of abstract whimsy to dinnertime with chic mustard and grey striped mats.

12. Food for Thought Placemat ($12): For those of you who like their food to talk back, we present these jaunty, chatty placemats.

13. Border Stripe Yarn Dye Placemat ($9): Pretty colors and skinny stripes? We’ll take three sets, please!

14. Stem Orange Placemat ($8): The repeating vine pattern and bright, happy color is super easy on the eyes. Your plate will be pleased to call this mat home.

15. Blue Rosemary Placemats ($25): A sprig of rosemary always adds a special touch. And a whole field of them, like on this mat, really spices things up.

16. Ikat Dot Placemat ($8): Be bold when dressing your table. The bright orange in this ikat pattern will bring your tablescape to a whole new level.

17. Ecru Cotton Crochet Placemat ($24): With super pretty crochet details spun out of a soft off-white cotton, this mat is winning in our book.

18. Light as a Feather Placemat ($5): Nothing says fall dinner party quite like a placemat covered in funky feathers.

19. Fuschia + Cherry Leaves Placemats ($25): Mix, match and be merry. These colorful pieces of art can be mixed in with any table linens. In fact, we sorta encouraged it.

20. Threshold Placemet- Set of 4 ($16): A light pattern on cotton (which can be easily washed after wine spillage) will please all of your guests. Pinkie promise.

21. Bloc Jameson Placemat ($24): Another placemat that knows how to play well with others — mix with anything to create a one-of-a-kind table masterpiece.

22. Indigo Tie Dye Accent Placemat ($14): A little bit boho, a little bit classic. You can choose from four colors (we recommend grabbing one of each) to make your table really pop.

23. Cherry + Yellow Triangles Placemats-Set of 4 ($25): Holiday red, check. Washable placemat, check. Mixes with other placemats, check check.

24. Flatware Black Paper Placemats ($26): Don’t be afraid to go dark for a dinner party. These chic placemats were inspired by photograph negatives. They’re positively stunning and come in a pad of 25.

25. Birdcage Popmat Paper Placemat-Set of 10 ($26): A placemat inspired by children’s pop-up books… how awesome is that? Your adult guests will feel young again and your nieces/nephews/etc will think you’re super cool.

26. Round Placemat with Beads ($36): Constructed of vines from a remote jungle, these handmade beauties are a labor of love. It takes up to seven days to weave the design alone.

27. Gold Confetti Paper Placemats ($26): Party on. Cue the confetti. A paper placemat featuring gold metallic confetti makes us oh-so-happy, especially when they come in a pad of 50.

Which placemats are you dying to decorate your table with? Tell us in the comments below!

(additional reporting by Britt Feder)