Whether you’re vegan, on a dairy-free diet, or simply trying to scope out different options, you’ve become familiar with the deluge of nut-milk-based products out there. But, you’ve also become aware of the fact that most of them lack a certain je ne sais quoi. This can be incredibly frustrating for those with dietary restrictions who want to indulge in good eats, like cheese, just like everyone else. But there’s hope! The pioneers of Kite Hill have made it their mission to give you exactly what your dairy-free heart desires and it. Is. Everything.

The Vision

Kite Hill embarked on their journey with a vision to create plant-based dairy alternatives that boast all of the best features of high-quality foods. After all, one of the best things about eating what you love is sharing it with those you hold dear, which can be difficult to do if you’re showing up to potlucks with a bunch of sad-tasting dishes.

Simple ingredients and traditional methods

Using simple ingredients and traditional methods is how Kite Hill achieved their fabulous flavors and textures. They’re the first company to create plant-based food using classical techniques and, with these techniques, they’ve been able to bring us a line of innovative products that consumers can feel good about. How did they do it? By making the nut milk react like animal milk! Brilliant. They now produce fluffy ricotta, silky almond milk yogurt, creamy cheese, pastas, and other aged nut milk delicacies — all which have full flavor and proper mouthfeel (AKA none of that gritty biz we find with most other nut-based products).

Ingredient Standards + sustainability

Kite Hill sources their non-GMO almonds straight from San Joaquin Valley, California. Each product comes from artisan almond milk cultures, and the company avoids artificial sweeteners, ground nut pastes, and other fillers that many other nut-based brands use to attain that cheese-like texture.

In addition to quality ingredients, Kite Hill cares about sustainability. Tree nuts like almonds need water and land use, but the impact they have on the environment is proportionately small in comparison to the average dairy operation. Kite Hill takes pride in the fact that their products are a smart choice, especially where our planet is concerned.

So, if you’ve been searching high and low for non-dairy products with minimal ingredients that taste *super close* to the real thing (or maybe even a little better), search no further — Kite Hill products, available at Whole Foods, will knock the socks off of you, and anyone you share them with.

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