If you’re eating vegan because you love animals, you love our planet and you love your own body and aspire to good health (or all of the above!), there are also plenty of good reasons to try a raw food diet. Before you put on your eww face, know that raw + vegan recipes = a new, healthy you. Fruits and veggies actually lose some of their nutrients while cooking, and raw foods are also hydrating and keep us feeling satisfied and energized. A plant-based, whole food diet provides all the life-giving nutrients our bodies need and can optimally use — vitamins, minerals, protein, fat and carbs. Here are 16 raw vegan versions of everyone’s favorites that are as tasty to look at as they are to eat.


1. Raw Vegan Lasagna: Zucchini noodles are layered with cashew cheese, basil pesto and tomatoes to create raw food euphoria for your taste buds. The crunch of the veggies combined with the rich creaminess of the “cheese” makes for a hearty and surprisingly filling meal. (via Create N Plate)


2. Raw Pad Thai: This fresh, crisp and vibrant mix of veggies smothered in creamy almond-butter dressing is like a rainbow of good health in a bowl. Raw zucchini noodles replace the usual glass noodles for a fresh take on a takeout favorite. (via Oh She Glows)


3. Jerusalem Salad: Most Middle Eastern countries have some version of this naturally healthy raw salad made of cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley and lemons — and it’s always delicious and refreshing to the palate. (via A Clean Bake)


4. Raw Vegan Pizza: This pizza, made with a red pepper seeded crust, sun-dried tomato sauce, pine-nut cheese and veggies, is so delicious your friends will go vegan after trying it. Seriously, bookmark this recipe just for the crust and pine-nut cheese and you’ll be able to whip up new varieties with whatever veggies you happen to have on hand. (via This Rawsome Vegan Life)


5. Cucumber Rolls With Creamy Avocado: These Cucumber Rolls combine crunchy cukes with decadent avocado créme to make one great appetizer. This one can be prepped in just 10 minutes and is a real crowd pleaser, so plan to take it to your next family brunch or pool party. (via Pure Ella)


6. Zucchini Noodles With Cashew Curry Sauce: Here, raw squash noodles are drizzled with creamy cashew curry sauce for an indulgent yet healthy meal. You won’t miss heavy pasta dishes after eating this satisfying but light “zoodle” meal. (via The Fitchen)


7. Guacamole Stuffed Red Peppers: Creamy avocados combine with tons of veggies, including kale, onion, jalapeno and zucchini, to create a colorful “confetti” guacamole. This guac is fully loaded, and makes a great appetizer or filling snack for any gathering. (via The Full Helping)


8. Pesto Pizza: Pizza Fridays are back! In case you miss the carefree Netflix and pizza nights from before you went vegan, here’s another great seeded crust. This one is heavy on the garlic, with a pop of pesto and delicious marinated veggies. (via This Rawsome Vegan Life)


9. Raw Vegan Spring Rolls: Everything about this recipe is make-ahead and will keep for more than a week in the fridge. Just add fresh avocado to your mound of carrots, scallions, cabbage, avocado and snow peas right before serving. The “peanut” sauce is made from fresh almond butter and naturally sweet dates. (via Rawmazing)

10. Sunflower Wrap: Sunflower seed hummus gives this naturally vegan and gluten-free meal a punch of nutty flavor. The collard wrap makes it nicely portable for work lunches. (via Trial and Eater)

11. Cauliflower Rice: This dish is so versatile, it’s a perfect replacement for regular rice when adapting old recipes to fit raw, vegan, paleo and low-carb diets. Get creative and add your own favorite veggies — you can’t mess this one up! (via Rawmanda)


12. Raw Vegan Tacos: The “meat” in these tacos is made from soaked walnuts, marinated mushrooms and cooked quinoa (you can easily opt out of the latter when eating raw). Soak the walnuts and marinate the mushrooms ahead of time and they’ll keep in the fridge to have on hand anytime you’re craving a wrap. (via Rawmazing)


13. Salted Caramel Macadamia Cheesecake: Believe it! This raw, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and Paleo-friendly recipe is every bit as divine as it looks. It ticks all the healthy-eating boxes, so it makes the perfect treat for any party you attend. (via Brinley King/Onya Magazine)


14. Raw Vegan Banana-Brownie Parfait: In this mouth-watering dessert, cocoa pudding is layered with sliced bananas and a “brownie” layer of mashed walnuts, dates, cocoa and matcha. Need we say more? Bookmark this baby now. (via Sweetly Raw Desserts/Unconventional Baker)


15. Coconut-Kiwi Popsicles: Lime juice livens up pure coconut water for a healthy dose of electrolytes that refresh and rehydrate. These pops call for white peaches and kiwi, but you can mix it up with whatever you have on hand. (via Gourmande in the Kitchen)

16. Raw Apple Crumble: Quicker and easier than apple pie or apple crisp, this raw vegan delight requires no cooking at all. Dates give it a natural sweetness and lemon juice gives it that tart pop. (via Forks Over Knives)

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