Don’t you miss those times when you came home to the smell of Mom cooking up a nice homemade meal? With our busy schedules these days, making a homemade dinner can sometimes feel farfetched. All that is about to change with PlateCulture, a new site that invites you into someone else’s home for a delicious meal.


To put it simply, PlateCulture is the Airbnb of food. All you have to do is make an account on the website and look for a home to eat dinner at. Each home’s profile will show a summary of the kitchen’s atmosphere, what language is spoken at the dinner table and how much it costs per person. Price can range anywhere from $10-$70, depending on how fancy you’re feeling.


There are about 150 homes on the website, which encompasses most of Southeast Asia. PlateCulture started out in Malaysia, but now it has spread to a handful of other countries like Thailand, Singapore and most recently, Hong Kong. We know what you’re thinking (because we thought it too) — Why isn’t PlateCulture in the US? We did a little research and found that it is! It’s just called something different — MealSharing. And don’t worry Europe, we’ve got love for you too. You guys should check out Cookening. Now… who’s hungry?

Which foods would you be so down for right now? Would you use these social dining sites? Tell us in the comment section!

(h/t Wall Street Journal)