The selfie stick has grown in popularity over the past year, allowing people to take extreme shots and extremely cute shots. To capitalize on the appeal of the photography accessory, others have created knocks-offs (we’re looking at you, BelfieStick). While some make us shrug and look the other way, the newest contender to the smartphone camera accessory game is super impressive because it expands the reach of your selfie beyond an (extendable) arm’s length.

That rival is Podo, the first Bluetooth-connected, app-controlled stick + shoot camera that turns any surface into a photo booth (we do love those…). The tiny camera sticks anywhere (wall, pole, window, ceiling, etc.) thanks to its easily washable + re-stickable microsuction pad. The device also has a strong magnet for extra flexibility. After all, selfies are all about the angles ;)

Live Preview

Once the lens is in place, you’re ready to snap away via the Podo app. Whether it’s an 8-megapixel single shot, double exposure or burst photos you wanna take (with or without flash) or 720p video, this small but mighty camera can make it happen. Want to automatically take snaps throughout the day? The device has that capability too, allowing you to create timelapses whenever, wherever.


Within the app, you’ll see a live preview to ensure you’re looking ***flawless before you snap away. After your photo session, your visuals will be transferred through Bluetooth to your phone’s storage, enabling you to edit and share on any and every social media network your heart desires.


Launched on Kickstarter, the stick-and-shoot camera has already surpassed its goal by more than $70,000 — people are clearly excited about this device. Slated to ship worldwide by August in a variety of colors, this little camera is going to turn every photo moment into a party.


Will you be replacing your selfie stick with the Podo? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Design Taxi)