While we squee over pics of the littlest royals, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, their uncle, Prince Harry, has created some buzz of his own. The bachelor prince who鈥檚 known for his penchant for dating beautiful blondes is at it again, but this time with someone you might recognize. Ellie Goulding is the newest apple of Harry鈥檚 eye, according to reports that claim the pair were spotted 鈥渃anoodling鈥 and kissing.

Prince Harry and Ellie Goulding

Ellie, who performed at Prince William and Kate Middleton鈥檚 wedding reception back in 2011, is no stranger to the royal family, also attending the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games in 2014, which Harry organized.

Ellie, who鈥檚 29, and Harry, at 31, seem to be pretty pleased whenever in each other鈥檚 presence, with a source telling The Telegraph, 鈥淗e has told friends how much he likes Ellie and she is clearly taken by him.鈥 According to the Sun, another source claimed that the two have been exchanging regular flirty texts, and while attending the recent Audi Polo Challenge, Harry and Ellie were seen snuggling beneath a blanket and sharing a kiss. Oh my!

Prince Harry and Ellie Goulding

The party prince was rumored to be really into the groove, dancing the night away, when the party started to heat up. 鈥淚t turned into a real party late into the night and there was a complete ban on taking pictures, so Harry and the other celebrities there could feel comfortable,鈥 said the Sun鈥榮 source. But, oh how we wish there had been a pic. 鈥淗arry and Ellie only had eyes for each other all night 鈥 they spent a lot of time sitting together under blankets,鈥 the source added. 鈥淭hey were seen having a kiss before Harry had to go because he was playing polo the next day. Ellie left about five minutes later.鈥

Could we be seeing a Duchess Ellie in the future? Only time (and the kissy duo) can tell!

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(h/t Perez Hilton, photos via Chris Jackson/Getty)