When choosing a name for a child, there may be a few things that every parent should know, but most parents opt for names that have personal meaning or are inspired by a favorite celeb’s baby name, a baby name in tribute to a favorite pet, or perhaps even a baby name with its roots in a favorite word. Other parents, however, are shelling out big bucks for their baby names and paying professionals to come up with the perfect moniker for their little one. We’re talking BIG BUCKS!


Branding firms, who help businesses and professionals develop their outward “personalities,” have now turned their talents to baby naming. Moms and dads are willing to pay up to $29,000 (per name) for firms to pick a name that will ensure success in all areas of their children’s lives. Whoa!

You can get a bit of a deal if you’re feeling frugal, with some firms offering names for just a few hundred, such as MyNameForLife.com, which explains, “Our name is the first thing people learn about us and the last thing we leave behind. A name is a gift so meaningful, so powerful — so personal — that only you can select it for your child. My Name for Life is here to help you discover the attractive and memorable name meant just for your baby.”

So how does it work? “Customized name suggestions for Earth’s newest residents are hand-picked to match parents’ tastes and goals. We’re known for attractive, uncommon baby names that your child by birth or adoption will wear with pride and dignity.”

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It makes sense when you consider how names can affect job prospects and various perceptions, but it’s also quite eye-widening to consider paying tens of thousands when we could just pick up a baby name book at our local bookstore and hope for the best.

Now we’re just left wondering how we (and our parents!) all could have been so cheap all of these years by picking names for free!

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(h/t Quartz, photo via FotoimperiyA, SolStock/iStock)