The third and final class of our Plum Organics® three-course series is taught by certified nutrition consultant Christal Sczebel and co-hosted by our very own Brit Morin.

You’ve made it to month 12 through 24. So how do you change up the game? In this 15-minute course, you’ll learn tips on how to work with picky eaters and ways to introduce new foods into their diet. You’ll also get access to four fun and nutrient-rich snack recipes that you can make with your toddler at home.

Be sure to download our course workbook to use as a class guide.


  • Tips on introducing new foods to picky eaters.
  • The dos and don’ts of toddlers nutrition.
  • Real life mom questions from mom Brit Morin.
  • Four healthy toddler snack recipes your little one will love.

Looking for more resources? Download Plum Organics Infant Feeding Tips + Tricks Booklet, as well as an overview of Plum Organics’ Food Philosophy.

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