Wallpaper typically makes us think of the unicorn print in our childhood bedroom. Also, the floral in the bathroom. The pastel abstract brush strokes in the foyer. The country-style in the kitchen. The modern wallpaper rock stars at Rebel Walls have changed all of that. They’ve created a library of amazing wallpapers for any room in the house — and, best part, you can actually custom create your own wallpaper or mural with stock photos or your own uploaded photography and designs. We had a hard time choosing favorites from their site (they’re all so rad), but check out a few below!

1. Blackboard: The look of a chalkboard wall without the mess.

2. Quadrangle: Geometry lessons are just a wall away, with perfect pastel pairings. Slightly more stylish than the aforementioned pastel brush strokes in the foyer of our parents’ house…

3. Welcome to the Jungle: LET US LIVE IN THAT JUNGLE.

4. Happy Cloud: Put this in your home office to bring the outside inside!

5. Flower Bed: Aaand we’re officially sold on black wallpaper. We’re loving this Rifle Paper-like print SO much.

6. Ribbon: Stripes, stripes and more stripes.

7. CMYK – Mint: Pick your favorite color (and corresponding CMYK number) to decorate like a graphic designer. Or just choose one of their ready-made, on-trend colors for 2014.

8. Radient: The rustic vintage finish on this wallpaper is almost as cute as the vintage suitcases and the sofa. We’ll take ’em all.

9. ABC for the Spelling Bee: Oh, how cute for a kid’s room!?

10. Dream Weaver: Black, white and beautiful all over.

11. Battered Wall: The story behind this one is great — it’s actually a photo of a real (amazing) wall at a neighborhood cafe near Rebel Walls HQ!

12. Bellewood: Um, we might’ve saved the best for last. Yup… obsessed.

Have an image or a design you’d like to make into wallpaper? Share it with us on Instagram and be sure to tag @britandco.