Everyone knows the best part about Halloween is the free pass to stuff your face full of candy. But even after the festivities wind down, you probably (we hope) have plenty of trick or treat booty left over. Storing it in the pantry is fine, but then your candy is more likely to get stale. The secret to fresh delicious sweets is putting them in the freezer. Besides, frozen candy is the best. So here’s a hack to make all that cold, chewy sweetness easily accessible in a fun, exciting way that will blow your friends’/coworkers’ minds.

For this hack to work, you’ll need a fridge with both an ice machine and an automatic ice dispenser. If you’re fortunate enough to have those, then this easy DIY is a snap, as evidenced by its genius creator.

First, shut off your ice-maker. Then, fill the tray with all the miniature candy it can hold. Insert back into the fridge, then hold a cup (or your hands ;) to the dispenser any time you want a sugar rush.

Why haven’t we thought of this before?! It’s like the perfect solution to all related candy woes. Your chocolate never gets stale, and you never have to make the difficult choice between a Snickers and a Reeses. All you have to do is press a button. Of course, then you have to deal with cold caramel and frozen Starbursts, but that’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make.

What do you think of this smart DIY Halloween hack? Have an even yummier one? Tell us in the comments below!