Christmas is soooo close, we can almost taste it! Since the holidays are a time when we are especially nostalgic, especially for toys from the ’90s and traditional holiday recipes, why not give a retro recipe a try? You could follow the recipe line by line — just like grandma used to make — or put your own modern twist on a tried-and-true classic. We’ll leave the details up to you while you browse these 10 throwback dishes you’re sure to enjoy for years to come.


1. Salmon Mousse: Similar in taste to lox and bagels, this salmon mousse is a perfect appetizer when served with crackers. (via Annie’s Eats)


2. Christmas Tree Cheese Balls: This festive take on the classic hors d’oeuvres is so cute you almost won’t want to eat it… almost. (via Chezus)


3. Watergate Salad: Pineapple, pistachio pudding and marshmallows may sound like a strange mixture of ingredients, but it creates a dessert that is the perfect combination of nutty, sweet and creamy. (via Cincy Shopper)


4. Pear Salad: The last thing you’d think is to garnish a pear with is mayonnaise and cheddar cheese, but this pear salad, complete with a maraschino cherry on top, has been a staple in many holiday dinners over the years. (via Add a Pinch)


5. Coca Cola Glazed Ham: A staple in Southern holiday cooking, classic cola gives the ham a sweet, unique flavor, while making the meat super tender. (via Paula Deen)


6. Turkey Tetrazzini: This retro casserole uses egg noodles, mushrooms and a cheesy sauce for a delicious dish. Make as a meal or create it using turkey left over from your Christmas dinner. (via Williams-Sonoma)


7. Winter Pudding Bombe: This take on a traditional English pudding asks for ice cream and can easily be made a few days prior to your Christmas feast. (via Jamie Oliver)

IMG_5545 - Version 2

8. Christmas Jello Shots: Jello seems to be a staple in SO many of recipes from the ’50s and ’60s. Throwback with these boozy jello shots – just don’t tell grandma. (via E Is for Eat)


9. Window Bark: This gooey marshmallow treat is not only delicious, but is also a colorful addition to your dessert table. (via The Curvy Carrot)


10. Pecan Snowball Cookies: If you’re baking cookies for a large group, you’ll want to check out this recipe, because you can easily make a few dozen in no time at all. Plus, the snowball shape and powdered sugar make them great for Christmas parties. (via Southern Bite)

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