ruby rose Phoebe Dahl faircloth supply

Ever since the very first season three trailer for Orange Is the New Black hit the Internet, the web has fawned endlessly over the show’s newest inmate Ruby Rose. After bingeing the entire season in one weekend (or having the strength to pace yourself) once all 13 episodes were released, the infatuation with the Australian actress-model-DJ has only skyrocketed. What you may not know about the Litchfield lady + Bieber buddy is that she has a super girlboss fiancée who also just happens to be the granddaughter of author Roald Dahl. Yeah, this power couple defines #relationshipgoals.

Phoebe Dahl faircloth supply

Ruby’s gal Phoebe Dahl is the creator of Faircloth + Supply, a globally-conscious clothing line made up of season-less outfits. The charitable company — which donates a school uniform to a girl in Nepal with every purchase through its partnership with General Welfare Pratisthan — focuses on “beautifully hand-crafted garments that will retain their elegant beauty and undeniable charm over time.” Already helping more than 2,000 girls with the chic street outfits, we have a feeling we’ll be able to help more than a handful after taking one look at all the collections. Seriously, we want every.single.item.

Phoebe Dahl faircloth supply

All the clothing from Phoebe’s company is based solely around linen, a fabric the site describes as one that can “lead many lives and tell many stories.” Made in downtown LA with found fabrics and inspired by heritage textiles and antique treasures, the loose-fitting outfits are every street style lovers’ dream. Go do some shopping — online or IRL at Urban Outfitters — for a good cause and feel a little closer to your current crush Ruby Rose in the process ;)

Will you be shopping Phoebe’s Faircloth + Supply? Let us know which items you’ll be picking up in the comments.

(Photos via Frederick M. Brown/Getty, @faircloth_supply + @rubyrose)