It just wowed innovators at the SMAU trade show in Torino, Italy, and we’re hoping it will turn heads around the world soon: The Sada Bike is the first-ever, full-size, uber portable bike. It’s currently a prototype, but it’s already got us daydreaming of our own Roman Holiday.

Conceived as a response to the current portable bikes, with odd-looking small frames that are not always comfortable or stable, the Sada Bike is not just a beautiful product of Italian design, it’s also got a lot of fancy tricks up its sleeve. For starters, the wheels have no spokes, which is key to get the size down to barely bigger than an umbrella when folded. Literally.

You’re probably wondering, does it take longer to fold this thing than your entire commute? Nope. It’s actually amazingly simple. A single movement is all it takes to start the process — push to the seat backwards, and the magic begins to happen. Sada comes with a case that can be carried like a backpack so you can take it anywhere with ease. It’s the ultimate solution for urban mobility; simply carry your ride with you in crowded public transit buses or trains, no apologies for your bulky bike necessary! The possibilities don’t stop with your morning commute, though. Toss Sada Bike in the car (yes, even you, smart car drivers!), or bring it on your next vacation… as (or even in?!) a carry-on!

The designer, Gianluca Sada, began working on the project as an Engineering student in Torino, Italy. He’s seeking investors to make his prototype a retail-ready reality. We’re really hoping to see the Sada Bike go in production soon.

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