Don’t you just hate when you’re lounging around the house and your feet get cold? Sure, you could use a throw blanket — you could even get up and put on a pair of socks or slippers. But where’s the fun in that? Introducing one of the best Kickstarter projects ever: Sakpants.

This winter, your feet are in for a real treat. Sakpants combine the comfort of sweatpants with the coziness of slippers by eliminating the holes at the end of your bottoms.

The loose and baggy pair (inspired by Thai fisherman pants) comes in a light gray cotton with accents of neon pink, lime green or electric blue. The bottom panel is padded with sweatshirt material for extra comfiness. And from the looks of it, they’re pretty freakin’ cozy. They come in four sizes for adults and four sizes for kids, but most sizes will fit most people.

These are like footsie pajamas for adults, and they won’t make you look like an oversized infant. Oh, and your precious paws aren’t locked in forever. If you need to, you can access your feet with a secret opening built into the bottom of the pants.

So you’re probably wondering how to add an awesome pair to your wardrobe. All you have to do is pledge $35 or more and your Sakpants will arrive in November. If you pledge $55, you can get your name embroidered on the label. Donate $70, and you can get Sakpants for you AND your beau! Go ahead, go crazy! There are a bunch of options for pledge rewards, so if you’re serious about your sweats, be sure to choose wisely.

Sakpants has raised just over half of their $15,000 goal, but with 23 days to go, we have full confidence that these will become a thing — we’re thinking Snuggie-status.

Are you interested in Sakpants? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!