There’s only one thing more impressive than a celeb DIY — a celeb DIY with multiple parties involved! Several of our favorite stars showed us their teamwork skills this week, taking on everything from cooking (Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr/Sophia Bush and Rick Bayless) to home repair (Kelly and Sharon Osbourne, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber) to beauty DIYs (Mel B. and daughter Phoenix) — homemade makeup remover anyone? No matter what they were doing, they “got by with a little help from their friends” (and family!), and we couldn’t be more impressed with the things they managed to accomplish collectively. Check out their joint efforts, along with a few solo projects, for the best celeb DIYs of the week.

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar: Sarah borrowed a recipe from her very own husband, as she revealed when she posted this delicious-looking grilled cheese and tomato soup. “Made it myself straight out of @realfreddieprinze cookbook, “ she said.

2. Courtney Sixx: Courtney Sixx loves her some flowers, but this week, it’s their receptacle she’s giving us tips on. “One of the key elements of flower arrangement that often gets lost in the shuffle are vessels,” she explains. “Which type of vase or container is best suited for the look and feel you’re going for. Plus, how to put your own spin on simple things you have laying around the house turning them into perfect vessels that compliment your flowers for any occasion.” Find all of her tips here.

3. Sophia Bush: We’re not entirely sure what Sophia Bush and celebrity chef Rick Bayless were whipping up in his kitchen together, but one thing’s for sure: Sophia was all kinds of excited to be there, proving that even stars get starstruck. “I shamelessly fan boy chefs. The foodie in me loses all ability to be “cool” and I tend to babble about how their creativity inspires me and why. When a chef I LOVE also happens to have the sickest eye for design and explains his beautiful restaurant to me in intricate design terms, my heart and brain basically explode simultaneously. @rick_bayless, you are indeed made of fire. Thank you for creating Leña Brava and giving us all a place to experience the vision of both your mind and palate! And thank you for welcoming me into your kitchen.” What a mouthful!

4. James Franco: James Franco just keeps adding to his list of accolades: his latest? Featured Treason Gallery artist, a fact he showed off with this shot of himself hard at work on autographs. “Signing the first batch of prints ordered from @treasongallery!” he writes excitedly.

5. Mel B: Like mother, like daughter: the Spice Girl and her daughter Phoenix took some time out from traveling to sneak in a little DIY beauty action. “This is what I made her do with me in the airport lounge before our 15 hour flight,” she says.

6. Beverley Mitchell: Beverley teased about an upcoming DIY project just last week with a makeup-free selfie in a hardware store, and now she’s sharing the fruits of her labor. “Woo hoo! I finally finished Hutton’s nursery,” she says proudly. Nothing comes easy, however — even when you’re a celeb. “Yes I know he is 1 1/2 ,” she said, adding, “I definitely did not have my stuff together with this one but I have to say I am very happy with the finished product,” over on her blog. We would be too, Lucy — it looks great!

7. Raven Symone: We knew Raven could sketch, but we had no idea girl could take a pro-level photo, too! “A photo I took in Puerto Rico,” she says of this silver leaf, along with the hashtags “#nature,” “#photography” and “traveltuesday.” Is there any creative endeavor she CAN’T pull off?

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Love my man with a power tool! Island project!

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9. Cindy Crawford: The supermodel kicked back and enjoyed the view of husband Rande Gerber while on an exotic isle. “Love my man with a power tool!” she writes. “Island project!” While we’re not entirely positive what it was Rande was up to, a subsequent photo of Cindy on a tree swing gives us an inkling.

10. Kelly Osbourne: Who needs an electrician/cable tech when you’ve got Sharon Osbourne as a mom? Not Kelly! “Check out my mum trying to fix the TV. #Imsoconfused.” Hmmm… now that you mention it, Kelly, so are we. So are we.

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