Ah, gift-giving season: It’s always a bit fraught with anxiety, especially when it comes to those super special someones for whom generic gifts simply won’t do. We’ve corralled some of the most heartwarming gifts we could find that are sure to put a huge, heartfelt smile on the face of anyone lucky enough to receive them. Scroll on and let the swooning begin.


1. Brave Bracelet ($38): This bracelet is the perfect gift for the adventurous ladies in your life. It says “brave” in Khmer and is made by hand in Cambodia.

camera orn

2. 3D Printed Camera Ornament ($30): Not only is this a great gift for a photographer in your life, but it’s also easily customizable. Just slip the right photo into the lens.

chalkboard candle

3. Soy Chalkboard Candle ($24): This azure sea salt scented candle is a blank canvas for any sentiment you want to share with someone special. A quote from a favorite movie, something you love about them or simply warm wishes take center stage with this chalkboard masterpiece.

cs lewis

4. C.S. Lewis Quote Notebook ($12): This gift was made for the adventure-seeker in your life. This little guy delivers all the necessary encouragement in one pretty package.

custom stamo

5. Custom Address Stamp ($60): Nothing makes someone’s heart swoon more than something that was made just for them. That’s exactly what you get with this custom address stamp.

hangover prevention

6. Hangover Prevention ($13): Saving a loved one from a hangover is one of the kindest things you can do. Just add a few drops of this delicious cocktail fortifier and your lucky recipient will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when everyone else is still crawling out of bed.

heart bracelet

7. Heart Bracelet ($30): This heart bracelet expresses all the love you have in one perfectly minimal piece of bling. The lucky recipient will think of you every time they glance down at their wrist.

iphone case

8. Do What You Love iPhone Case ($30): Truer words have never been spoken. Give love and support in the techy package of an iPhone case with this heartwarming gift.

love sculpture

9. 3D Printed Love Sculpture ($36): Here’s a little mini love sculpture, printed with the technology of the future. If you know someone who loves public art, or maybe just has a fondness for Philly, this is the gift for them.

mountain print

10. Climb a Mountain Print ($25): Taking on a challenge like this can really only be done with someone you love to the moon and back. This gorgeous graphic says it all, encapsulated in a glorious design.

soundwave cuff

11. Soundwave Cuff ($149): This gold cuff is off the heartwarming charts. The custom bracelet comes engraved with any sound you’d like, like the first song you and your love danced to, the sound of your kid’s voice or simply you saying, “I love you.”

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