Throwing a cookie decorating party? Or just have a killer sweet tooth? We’ve got everything you need to whip up the sweetest holiday cookies, cupcakes and more. Head to the B+C Shop to stock up, and read on to see how to bring this sugary sweet party to life.

1. Mix Up a Batch of Cookies: Start things off right with artisanal cookie mix. Go for Salted Chocolate Chip ($14) or All Natural Holiday Sugar Cookies ($23.98).

2. Set the Mood with a Party-Perfect Playlist: You’ve gotta have the right tunes, even when you’re baking up a storm in the kitchen. We loaded up our Giant Gem Speaker ($40) with this Holiday Baking Playlist — and yes, Heartbreaker (which we’ve re-named HeartBAKER) by Mariah is definitely on there. Though we probably should have made our custom Casetify case say Bakers Gonna Bake Bake Bake Bake Bake.

3. Customize Your Cookies: Y’all ready for this? We’ve got a Customizable Cookie Stamp ($15) that comes equipped with the entire alphabet so you can completely personalize your cookies. If personalization isn’t your jam, go for this simple Homemade Cookie Stamper ($15) instead.

4. Keep Plenty of Cookie-Themed Snacks on Hand: Though we know you’re probably gonna sneak in a spoonful of dough at least once, it never hurts to keep a few sweet snacks at the ready. Wondermade has the best marshmallows ever, available in flavors like S’mores, Sugar Cookie, Bourbon and more.

5. Learn the Best Way to Frost a Cupcake: This is one essential you’re going to have to wait for. In our upcoming book, Homemakers, we’ll take you through tips and tricks for frosting the perfect cupcake, every time. Pre-order it now!

Happy Christmas Cookie-Decorating! :)