Gardening season has officially begun, and we are all about that jungalow life. Whether you’re looking to up your indoor plant game or are down to get your hands dirty with your first veggie garden, we’re here to help you take your #plantlady status to the next level. Happy digging, all!

Some of the best minutes of your day are spent in the shower — it’s where you collect your thoughts and gear up for whatever’s on the agenda. So what if we said there was something a little unexpected that could make your “me” time even better? We’re talking about shower plants, the new low-maintenance plant trend that’s taking over Pinterest and bathrooms everywhere. From showerheads cascading with fauna to ivy-wrapped curtain rods, adding greenery to your space makes your morning routine feel like something out of a jungle oasis — with added health benefits. Intrigued? Scroll on for 12 luxe ways to create your own bathroom jungalow.

1. Garden Seat: Add your own personal garden to a shower shelf or seat. We’re loving the eccentric mix of vases and styles seen here, which work to add both dimension and character to the display. Plus, it’s just one more reason to scour the Saturday flea market to find some fab vintage vessels. (via Honestly WTF)

2. Herb Showerhead: Not ready yet to invest too heavily in the trend? Start small by adding subtle touches of greenery (we recommend eucalyptus branches) to your showerhead. It’s a nice little way to try the concept, without overdoing it. (via Ramshackle Glam)

3. Placed Planters: Opt for plants that typically thrive in humid environments (AKA ferns or orchids). Planters help to keep the roots in place as they’re watered while allowing the plants to keep their organic shape as they grow. (via Planterra)

4. Simplistic Style: Add a pop of greenery to your minimalist bathroom by working with one or two low-maintenance plants, like cane or evergreen. By placing them in points of focus, such as a bath tray or window ledge, you can mimic the look of the outdoors, while still staying true to your minimalist nature. (via Oh So Lovely)

5. Rod Hang: Elevate your seedlings by hanging them on your shower rod. Use options with natural overflow, like ivy or orchids, to ensure they’re still seen, even though they’re sky-high. (via Design Sponge)

6. Corner Accents: Place high-standing plants, like dracaenas or bamboo, in the nooks and crannies of your shower area. Keep the shower aimed in their direction to ensure they’re always hydrated. Work in a variety of plants to keep the setup looking like a tropical retreat. (via Loombrand)

7. Lighted Ledge: Indoor greenery tends to die due to lack of light. Ensure your basin beauties are getting their rays by stationing them close to a source of light. Complement the look with a few calming accents, like candles or infusers, and you’ve got one setup that’ll soothe both mind and body as you soak. (via My Scandinavian Home)

8. Ivy Overflow: We’re digging this jungle look, and by adding teeming quantities of ivy across all levels of your shower, you can recreate it in your own home. From ceiling to seat, the more tile that’s covered, the cooler the vibe will be. (via Being)

9. Cornered: Dedicate a spot by your tub strictly for your houseplants, whether you opt for greenery that drapes over a single boho stool, or go all out with several plant styles in low, mid, and high-range heights. Fill the space with lush greens, for a look that instantly comes to life without flooding into your bathing area. (via Home Edit)

10. Suspend With Macrame: Embrace your creativity by crafting your own macramé hanging planters to hold your shower additions. There are plenty of fun tutorials or kits out there to keep your inspo as fresh and unique as the continents themselves. (via Design Sponge)

11. Bookshelf Beauties: Your shelves aren’t just for books anymore. Clear off some space on your ledges and vanity to add pots of flowing ivy or spider plants. It’s a decorating look that’s both greenhouse chic *and* affordable. (via Architectural Digest)

12. Caddy Carry: Swap out those half-empty shampoo and shaving cream bottles for pretty mason jars or vintage glassware bottles. Bring in plants like ferns or begonias, which react well to a daily misting. (via Planterra)

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