No matter how much your S.O. loves you, there’s a good chance that your graceful symphony of nocturnal roars are one of the most disruptive things that occurs throughout the night. You may wake up in the morning to see your sweetie in dreamland with their hair tussled and eyes relaxed — you, having no recollection of what they went through a couple hours ago — then continue to cuddle with them until it’s time to get ready for work. But if you look closer and notice mysterious deep bags that hang beneath their eyes, this might be a wakeup call for you to take action.

Meet Nora, designed to help you silently navigate through the night. She’s a sleek, modern and matte white-colored sleeping device that stops you from snoring without having to wear any absurd contraptions.

The science behind this beautiful gadget is simple: When you fall asleep, your neck and throat muscles collapse, which decreases the size of the airway and causes you to snore. Anytime that Nora detects the slightest purr of a snore, she sends a signal to the inflatable pad beneath your pillow to gently move your head up and down to stimulate the throat muscles and stop you from snoring — most importantly, before your partner wakes up!

The elegant and organic design has enough versatility to fit within the decorative flow/confines of any bedroom theme, and has the convenience of being able to operate without a swarm of cords and wires to fuss about. As a matter of fact, her design is so brilliant and discrete that it can be used with your favorite pillow. To top it all off, she comes in a portable bag with a rechargeable battery so you can take her with you when you travel.

For more information check out the page on Kickstarter.

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