Moving into a new place or updating an old one can be one of the most exciting things ever, especially when you get to pick out new furniture. But as fun as it is to choose from those beautifully assembled pieces at each store we visit, we often forget about the dreaded process of putting our pieces together once we get home. Sure, you could pay the obscene assembly fees, or suck it up and spend hours deciphering a manual of pictures, or you could simply buy Soapbox furniture. These unique tables created by a New Jersey-based company are put together using steel clamps that simply click + snap into place.

Furniture that requires absolutely no tools to assemble? Yup, you got it! Steel clamps connect at the corners of the tables, providing secure connections that won’t loosen over time like screws do. And the best part about these corner clamps is that they come in a bunch of insanely bright and fun color options like turquoise, lime green, mint and orange. Soapbox’s product line includes everything from shelves to desks to coffee tables, and comes in three different wood stain options (maple, walnut and cherry).

Soapbox’s products range in price from $40 to $480, with options for short or long leg height. We may be big fans of IKEA and all the crazy cool hacks we can accomplish with their furniture, but Soapbox brings a simplicity and ease of assembly to the proverbial table that the Swedish store’s “bag of bolts with every purchase” policy does not.

Check out this video that features the assembly process in more detail:

Would you buy Soapbox tables or shelves for your house? How do you avoid getting frustrated when putting furniture together? Share your thoughts and tricks with us below!

(h/t Fast Company)