Social media isn’t all about online trolls and heartbreaking status updates about what your ex is doing. Sometimes, social media can be heartwarming, like when the hashtag #MyVanityFairCover took over social media after Caitlyn Jenner’s cover reveal of her new identity, showcasing the lives of transgender people. Or using Instagram to promote wonderful charities. Other times, the most difficult life situations, such as Amanda Palmer’s loving tribute to her friend dying of cancer, are documented in real-time. This newest project is proving how amazing it is when bright minds come together with technology to create life-affirming ideas.

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Life Spoiler Sticker, a new social media project, takes two basic ideas — images and stickers — and turns them into funny, sweet and touching photos that will make you tear up or laugh out loud.

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The idea behind the project is fairly simple. Download the free Life Spoiler sticker or order free stickers online, write your one-sentence message down and photograph it. Send your image to, and your entry will be uploaded to the project’s Tumblr site.

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Current submissions range from the silly — “A dog will pee here” stuck to the side of red fire hydrant — to the awe-inspiring pregnant belly adorned with the sentence, “She’ll change the world.”

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Will you join the Life Spoiler Sticker movement? If so, what would your sticker say? Tell us in the comments.

(Photos via Life Spoiler Sticker)