The way we part our hair can seriouslyswitch up our look, and celebrities know that too. From super deep side parts to stick-straight center parts, lately A-listers have been experimenting with fresh ways to style their hair without changing so much — notice how it’s way less “she dyed her hair WHAT!?” and more “Did you see that throwback zigzag part Julianne Hough was rocking?” For the last few seasons, the parts of choice have been pretty structured and intentional — almost always styled with a comb. But that severely styled look seems to have been recently replaced with a more natural take on the hair trend. Enter the soft side part: the slightly unkempt, made-with-your-fingers part that lazy girls have been rocking forever is now the latest way to kind of — maybe — put some thought into your hairdo.

There’s no straight line in this part. In fact, that’s the total opposite of what you’re going for here. With no tools involved in the making of this style, the soft side part is more about embracing what your hair looks like that day and running with it. In other words, there’s no way to eff up this style. Just loosely place your hair on one side, and then let it do its thing — cowlicks, pillow kinks and all. Need we explain why we’re obsessed with this look? Scroll through to see how three of our favorite celebs are rocking this casual-cool hairdo.


Check out how Ciara styled the part in her epic fishtail braid: She basically didn’t style it at all; that’s the beauty of this look. It seems like she pulled her hair to one side, started her soft part around her right eyebrow arch, then styled a small-strand fishtail braid while the rest of her hair naturally spilled out around it. Her slightly undefined part balances out the tight fishtail braid — it’s the perfect blend of looking polished and pretty while still feeling edgy. (Photo via Jacopo Raule/Getty)


Kate Hudson’s barely there, tousled waves on her bob were accentuated with a soft side part that gave her hair a natural lift. This part is a perfect choice to wear if your hair gives off those island-chic vibes, because it’s not competing with the natural movement and style of your locks. If you have side bangs like Kate does, this part might become your new go-to because it totally works with — not against — the way that face framers naturally fall. (Photo via Samir Hussein/Getty)


The always elegant Natalie Portman sported an exaggerated soft part at a screening of A Tale of Love and Darkness. Her part is so far off to the side that it’s hard to even see, but it’s easy to notice the height and smooth effect that the style brings to her hair. Free from a ton of (crunchy, eww) product, her hair looks soft to the touch while still feeling sophisticated in an updo. She is on the red carpet, after all! On you, this look would work well for an outdoor, summer wedding or a night out on the town with your friends. (Photo via Paul Morigi/Getty)

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