Sometimes switching up your hairstyle in a major way doesn’t always have to involve shears or pastel hair dye. Really the most minor adjustment — like the placement of your part — can give you an entirely new looking ‘do. And while it’s easy enough to pull off in mere minutes, the subtle shift will cause a stir. These 11 celebs model the concept particularly well. Scroll through and say goodbye to your signature part.

1. Zooey Deschanel: Just by parting those thick retro-style bangs, Zooey looks like an entirely new girl (we couldn’t help ourselves). The middle V helps her otherwise severe fringe cascade into her glam curls.

2. Scarlett Johansson: ScarJo owns the piecey bob, and she shows off why almost every A-lister is going for the chop: it’s extremely versatile. Part it smack-dab down the middle for an edgy, modern feel or sweep it to the side for an effortlessly romantic look.

3. Alexa Chung: We don’t just obsess over Alexa’s street style — her beauty routine is also enviable, especially her undone-to-a-tee hair. Look all-kinds of cool with an easy center part or its updo equivalent with her fringe tucked behind one ear.

4. Emma Stone: Emma’s long, straight-across bangs (not to mention, her perfect ombre fade) frame her face flawlessly. And while we’re obsessed, we don’t blame her for falling back on her signature side-sweep that makes the blunt bob look perfectly breezy.

5. Kerry Washington: Kerry shows off exactly how to match your hair part to your outfit. A pretty side part looks lovely paired with a punchy floral patterned-dress while a sleek center part and pin-straight hair streamline her look from head to toe.

6. Lauren Conrad: LC’s flowy strands are made even dreamier (possible? yes) with a soft side part. But what we love more is that when Lo splits it down the middle, the transition is anything but harsh — she’s nailed the volume it takes to keep the look refined and fresh.

7. Jessica Biel: When Jess isn’t rocking those ’70s-style bangs, she’s giving her locks the go-around and playing with her part. She flaunts her lush head of hair with a simple center part, and even though we *wish* our down ‘do could look that full, we’re swooning over her heavy side part that makes her hair just flow.

8. Sarah Hyland: Sarah’s layered ‘do looks effortless when it’s parted on the side. But her center part is what’s making a major statement. With bleached highlights and worn with a caramel brown lip shade, it’s a total ’90s throwback… and we kind of love it.

9. Demi Lovato: Demi makes a center part look more romantic than ever, especially with those dip-dyed pastel tips. Her version of a side part is as dramatic as they get — buzzed, bold and beautiful.

10. Julianne Hough: A down-the-middle part on Julianne Hough’s wavy bob looks so casual cool, but you can do *much* more with that chop than an #iwokeuplikethis style. A blowout and an exaggerated part adds polish like nothing else.

11. Karlie Kloss: Karlie’s peppy side part and her flipped bob were made for each other. So when she lets her fringe down — wow. Sultry and so fierce.

Which celeb’s part switch-up was your fave? Any looks you’re going to try yourself? Tell us about your star-inspired beauty looks in the comments below.