#SquadHairGoals: How to Hack Trendy Cornrows
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#SquadHairGoals: How to Hack Trendy Cornrows

Hey, girl! Today marks the beginning of a rad series of hair tutorials called #SquadHairGoals that will feature six unique looks that you + your girls can rock. Check out the locks on the squad below!

We’re kicking things off with a twist on cornrow braids (you may have seen the Internet call them Dutch braids or boxer braids) that you can do at any skill level. These aren’t your average braids — the bigger, the better is the motto for these babies. Be sure to check back in next Monday for the second look in this series!


Part your dry, product-free hair into three separate sections, starting at your forehead and going straight back to the nape of your neck. Just use your fingers to get the job done so that the parts aren’t perfectly straight. Secure each section with a bobby pin.


Using this 3D technique adds extra dimension to your braids, and really elevates this particular style. We consider this braiding technique crucial to achieving rad cornrows. As demonstrated above, braid strands from *underneath* (versus over top) to add shape and lift.


Once we reach the nape of the neck with each braid, secure it with a clear hair elastic and tease the remaining hair with a comb.

This hairstyle is such an extension of your wardrobe. We love how the look is the perfect juxtaposition of hard and soft, with the finished style being so fierce!

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Hair and Concept by Maritza Buelvas

Photography by Jennifer Coffey

Modeling by Bella Wholey

Shoot Assistant: Celeste V. Kelley

Shoot Location: Fulton Market Kitchen