Stars are a classic symbols of the holidays, but they are also a sneaky way to keep your holiday decorations up way after Christmas. They effortlessly glide from cookie stars to tree garlands and then, ta-da, there they are as New Year’s decorations. See? Told you those stars were sneaky. Add a personal touch to your decor with these 20 DIY projects, all celestially inspired and sure to become the “stars” of your holiday decorations.

1. DIY Star Tea Light Candles: These candle holders only take a couple of minutes to make, but would work perfectly as a table centerpiece or a hostess gift. (via Monsters Circus)

2. Starry Gift Wrap: Take your gift wrapping game to the next level. Classic kraft brown paper gets a makeover with gold star stickers made out of metallic contact paper. (via Little White Whale)

3. Star Mobile: Instead of draping garlands over the mantel, hang them straight from a branch or the light fixture in your dining room and enjoy entertaining “under the stars.” (via Love the Day)

4. DIY Porcelain Holiday Trees: You can never have too many candles, and these starry trees can totally be kept up all year long. (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Himmeli-Style Christmas Tree Topper: Top that perfectly decorated tree with a modern, geometric star made out of brass tubing. (via eHow)

6. Copper Stars: Cut mini stars out of copper shim to make garlands or ornaments. Just watch your fingers: Copper can get sharp. (via Tara Dennis)

7. Starry Advent Calendar: Embrace those trendy Scandinavian vibes with this simple advent calendar. The kids will love hanging each star on the wooden dowel tree as the countdown to presents begins. (via Nalle’s House)

8. Paper Straw Ornaments: No glue gun is required to make these little ornaments, so they are the perfect project for the kids. Or for adults who always manage to hot glue their fingers together… ahem. (via Bluet & Clover)

9. Paper Tube Ornaments: You’re probably going to go through a few more rolls of toilet paper this holiday season, so recycle those empty rolls into cute stars and spray paint with metallic colors. (via The Clutch Guide)

10. White and Copper Wreath: Wrap a simple copper wreath with mini string lights and decorate with white stars of various sizes for a cool, modern piece of decor. Or put on a bird on it if you want to go the hipster route. (via Live it. Love it. Make it.)

11. Painted Origami Paper Star Ornaments: Let the kids put their personal touch on the tree by turning their art into cool origami star ornaments. (via hello, Wonderful)

12. String Light Stars: No room for a tree this year? Take the string lights to the wall and outline a big star to get the starlit vibes going. (via Skonahem)

13. Printable Mini Super Stars: These three-dimensional stars can be printed on any color paper, making them the perfect addition to that party you’re planning. Hang a bunch of them together to create a centerpiece or string them together as a garland. (via Oh Happy Day)

14. Simple Star Cake Toppers: From pumpkin pie to a tall layer cake, any dessert will look like a superstar with these easy star skewer toppers. (via The Chic)

15. Toothpick Stars: It doesn’t get much easier than wrapping toothpicks together with washi tape. If you’re in need of a quick gift topper, you can whip one of these guys up in a matter of moments. (via Oh! Crafts)

16. Evergreen Stars: Go big with these 36-inch wooden stars as outdoor decoration, or shrink them down to take them indoors as a wreath alternative. (via Martha Stewart)

17. Star Wall Hanging: Hang a combination of wooden starbursts and 3D stars made out of metallic paper for a simple piece of art that’s big on style. (via Craft Hunter)

18. Modern Christmas Cards: Use a paper punch to cut out stars or buy stickers and arrange them into the shape of a tree for a stylish and modern card that’s totally doable at the last minute. (via Northstory)

19. Beaded Star Tree Topper: If it’s time for that tree topper to retire, look no further than this beaded star. Make the beads out of air dry clay or buy unfinished wooden beads for a natural look. (via Fall for DIY)

20. DIY Star Garland: Use a cookie cutter as a quick and easy template to cut out these clay stars. Drape the garland on the mantel, tree or even on your front door. (via Say Yes)

Which is your favorite star craft? Tell us what DIY holiday decorations you’re making in the comments below!