In recent weeks, Starbucks Unicorn Frapp hysteria has taken hold of the country. Buzz about the limited-time-only drink began on Reddit, where baristas speculated about the new ingredients before they were officially blended and released. Things escalated when Starbucks fessed up to the news. When the drink hit counters, and we all got to try a sip for ourselves, the internet basically exploded in a rainbow of frothy goodness. Now Starbucks is (unofficially) playing off their own success by introducing a Unicorn knockoff. Introducing, THE DRAGON.

After a ton of stores sold out of the Unicorn’s various ingredients, those clever Starbucks baristas came up with an equally colorful concoction to satisfy customers.

The latest drink is reportedly a mix of green tea powder, ice, milk and berry flavoring, and according to some customers, it’s even tastier than the original. It’s so good, the recipe spread from barista to barista until it was all over the country (not to mention Instagram).

Despite the Unicorn Frapp’s popularity on the internet, its various and sundry ingredients have posed a challenge for shops to continuously restock. Moreover, some customers have complained that the drink is a tad too sweet.

And thus, the Dragon, with its not-so-delicate notes of fruity syrup and green tea froth, was born.

While the Unicorn Frapp may have failed to live up to the hype, at least we got the Dragon Frapp out of it.

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(h/t E! News; photo via Stuart Wilson/Getty)