It’s been a big week for Starbucks addicts. On Monday, we learned that the wonderfully Instagrammable Pink Drink would be added to the year-round menu. As if that weren’t enough, the beverage gods shined on us again with news of the Unicorn Frappuccino.

While the company hasn’t officially confirmed the Unicorn’s place on the menu, Redditers (who may also be Starbucks baristas) have provided some photographic evidence. User Hellabummed posted a photo of blue sprinkles in a Starbucks-esque shaker labeled “Unicorn Dust,” while Outside_The_Madness posted a photo of a bag of pink dust labeled “Starbucks,” and beneath it, “Do not open until 4/17.” While we’re not clear on other ingredients (whipped cream? Milk? Unicorn?), we do have some insight from a taste-tester.

Hellabummed claims to have tried the drink and shared this: “Tastes just like those tropical Skittles.”

We’re not sure if a creamy, frozen, tropical Skittle-flavored beverage sounds delicious or terrifying. We’re not even sure if it really exists.

Guess we’ll have to roll up to Starbucks on the April 17 to find out.

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(h/t Cosmopolitan; photo via Tom Dulat/Getty)