We were already psyched to nab an unbelievably pretty Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks water bottle on our next brunch visit, but now we may have to stop by a little earlier than expected — earlier in the day, that is. That’s because Starbucks has just launched its most elegant breakfast item ever.

Starbucks breakfast

If you’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast option that is also totally healthy (and totally delicious, natch), then you have to try Starbucks’ new organic and vegan overnight grains. A blend of steel oats, quinoa and chia seeds that are together soaked in coconut milk and liberally topped with shaved coconut, as well as sliced almonds, the six grams of protein per serving will start your day with the kick you need.

Currently being introducing today at around 600 New York Starbucks locations, if it does well enough, we’ll be seeing it soon across the rest of the country. And considering the fact that customers’ desire for a protein-packed meal has made Starbucks’ protein bistro box the current best-selling lunch option, we may all be tasting the overnight grains sooner rather than later. Yay! And yum!

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(h/t Well + Good; photos via Ben Pruchnie/Getty + Starbucks)