Between the Unicorn Frappucino and the Mermaid Frappucino, Starbucks has been on a roll with its mythically inspired blended concoctions. Now, the coffee giant reportedly has a brand new version that’s sure to be a scream: a Zombie Frappucino!

According to blogger site Day of the Human, store baristas have been leaking photos of the drink from their “Need-to-Know” sheets, which lists its release on October 26.

The rumored concoction is made with a ghoulish blend of a new green caramel apple powder mixed with an unidentified pink powder with “pink brains” for whipped cream (yum!) and finished off with a pink mocha drizzle.

As the blog notes, it’s an entirely new beverage, different from the previous zombie drinks, Wired Zombie and Franken Frapps, that have emerged from Starbucks in the past.

Though the company has not confirmed the rumors, at least one barista seems to have done just that, writing, “The Zombie Frappucino will simply be the end of me. #BaristaProblems.” Needless to say, customers are already fired up.

You’ll want to run — not walk like a zombie — to catch it, as it’s supposedly set to go back into the grave on October 31.

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(Photos via Christopher Furlong + Stephen Chemin/Getty)