Everyone knows that pink Starburst are the BEST, and now, you can drink them — at Taco Bell. It might not sound like a typical pairing, but the two brands have paired up at the tail end of summer to give us some of our very last brain freezes, and we have to say, we’re intrigued. Take a look at the tweet below to get your first glimpse of the new summer bev:

The frozen drink aims to capture the flavors of the juicy strawberry Starburst in frozen, drinkable form, and TBH, while the bright pink color is a bit, well, alarming, we’re sure it probably tastes delicious. And by the sound of it, alarming is actually what they’re going for — the Taco Bell website says the drink will help you “Fruit Punch Heat In The Face,” which is a pretty aggressive claim for a beverage, but who knows!

The website also says about the drink, “The Starburst Strawberry Freeze is a pink, cute, and generally adorable drink… on the outside. […] You’ll quickly find that the pink is just a facade and somewhere in its core, this innocent-looking delicacy has a villainous tendency. It’s just waiting for the chance to flip that cute veneer and give you the worst brain freeze you can possibly imagine.”

Yikes! We’ve never quite heard of “villainous tendencies” and gnarly brain freezes as a selling point for frozen drinks, but maybe Taco Bell knows something we don’t? Could be worth a try!

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(Photo via @Starburst)