The Internet is swimming with suggestions for which style bloggers to keep up with and which insta-celebs to obsess over, but there are other ways to get style tips into your life. With technology moving a mile a minute, it can be hard to stay on top of the booming app scene. We’re here to Upgrade Your Life with four sleeper-pick fashion apps that’ll give you an instant style and beauty fix right from your smart phone.


Vine isn’t exactly new, but we promise it’s more than just teenage boys singing along to rap music or guys shouting “water-mel-on.” Their homepage lets you explore everything from DIYs to art, and they have an entire style tab. Vine-ers have learned to pack A LOT of advice into six seconds. Be sure to check out Alejandro Peralta, who teaches you how to make your own costume jewelry in seconds. If you’re looking for more branded updates, everyone from Kate Spade to GQ is vining away. These bloggers and companies are giving a whole new meaning to “do it for the vine.”

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You can do more on Snapchat than just send photos of yourself with a million chins to friends. You can also follow your favorite style bloggers, glossy mags and brands. As if that wasn’t enough, the latest update includes a section full of news and clips from your favorite magazines. While there’s everything from Vice to Daily Mail, beauty and style junkies should head straight to Cosmopolitan and People’s tab, where they add new content daily. Don’t forget to watch out for Snapchat’s special event stories, where all the snaps from a certain geographic location and/or event are visible to the public. They’ve featured several fashion weeks from around the world.

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You may not have heard of Meerkat yet, but you will. It’s a live-streaming video service that allows users to easily share their surroundings with their fans and followers. While its number of users is still growing, style bloggers are already embracing it. @StilettoSupermom is working hard to share style trends, while @santiagopgm is taking his photo business live, giving his fans access to his life full of models and the beautiful sights of Mexico. Meerkat had a presence at New York fashion week, and we bet as more people get on it, beauty events will be live streamed all over the world.

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Similar to Meerkat, Periscope is a live-streaming video app, only it has a bonus feature: It lets you view streams even after they happen. So if those runway shows are taking place during your work hours, you can watch them afterwards, when you’re off the clock. (Happy hour viewing party, anyone?) We’re excited to see brands like DKNY, Urban Outfitters and People StyleWatch coming on board, and we can’t wait to see who else will join.

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Do you use these apps for style advice? What are your go-to apps for style tips? Tell us about it in the comments!