Whether you’re revamping your decor or decorating your brand new digs, the best place to start is the bedroom. More specifically, start with your bed. For one thing, having a place to rest at the end of a long day is crucial to your #Girlboss success. Plus, for any young professional or recent grad on a tight budget (livin’ that Ramen life), making your bed decor the focal point of your room can save you some dollars on other bedroom furnishings. When decorated correctly, your headboard will serve dual purpose as wall art. Whatever your decor taste is — rustic, glam or boho chic — there’s a headboard style that’s perfect for you. Read on to find out how to fashion yours.

1. Boho Beauty: This earthy yet vibrant boho-inspired bed pretty much proves that boho babes have more fun. Look for a headboard that has rich carvings and unexpected details. A colorful tapestry or window valance above the headboard will help frame the bed and draw the eye to those details. (via Oh Dear Drea Blog)

boho headboard

2. DIY Headboard: You have big dreams to travel the world. Create a global-inspired boho bedroom backdrop to help assuage that itch to jet set while you save up. Staple a woven tapestry to your headboard to give it a totally new look. Add a little cushion first, to make it extra cozy. (via Good Housekeeping)


3. The Family Love Tree Queen Petal Bed Head Natural ($489): Be the Queen of your abode with this elegantly bohemian, petal-shaped headboard. Since the headboard makes a royal statement on its own, simplify your bedding with clean white sheets and dream big while you wear that flower crown.

4. Preppy Sleeper: If you’re the type of gal that puts a bit of prep in her daily step, you’re probably one to do the same when it comes to home decor. You dream in color, so when it comes to styling your bed, be bold and approach bright floral prints with open arms. This sassy flower power fabric headboard plays well with a bold pink wall and a cobalt lamp. (via Caitlin Wilson)


5. Collegiate and Cozy: Pretty floral prints meet a muted chevron for a look that draws interest without overwhelming. Opt for a subtle set of white sheets, to allow the playful headboard pattern to play with those cozy decorative pillows. (via Caitlin Wilson)

6. DIY Birch Wood Headboard: You’re always one step ahead in the fashion game. When beginning to create a modern sleeping space, think outside of the box. Combine textures and patterns, but keep the color palette simple. This wood and white paint stripe design looks and feels effortless. (via EHow)


7. Glamour and Elegance: The charm is in the details with this stunning look that’s fit for a queen. The gilded and quilted headboard makes a statement all on its own, so you’ll need very little artwork. You can have your cake and sleep in late too! (via The Darling Detail)


8. Art Deco Meets Mod Headboard: Sleek shapes and dark tones are truly the essence of chic, modern style. Use wallpaper to make a bold statement behind a black or gold metal headboard. (via AD Lifestyle)

rustic boho chic

9. Industrial Rustic: Breathe. Rustic decor can be blended with a refined or industrial look. Whether you decide to DIY or buy a reclaimed wood headboard, adding simple elements (like hanging copper lights) creates a nice balance between industrial and homey. (via Lindsay Marcella Blog)


10. Rustic Modern Vibes: Get in tune with yourself and with nature. Luckily, this look requires very little material, beyond the clean wooden headboard and matching stands. Pair metals with your wood headboard to make your vision pop. (via Sugar and Cloth Blog)


11. Less Is More: When it comes to decorating your room, even if you’re on a budget, minimal can be more. Having an eye-drawing headboard is a great alternative to save on other room decorations/furnishings. Remember, if you go with the minimal look, add a few statement-making pillows and throws into the mix. Hanging a simple yet chic picture above your bed can be a good touch too. Less is more, and most of the time, less is just enough. (via Design Lovefest Blog)


12. Brass Minimal: Getting out of the dorms and other college shared living spaces doesn’t exactly mean you have given up on your youthful demeanor. Jazz up a pretty brass headboard with a cool DIY banner. Tie in your pillow selections to correspond with the colors in your banner for a preppy look that’ll make you want to hit snooze. (via Lauren Conrad)


13. Modest Glam: A white studded headboard may be your go-to option when considering a minimal bedroom theme. Truly, nothing is more luscious than drifting off to sleep in a plush all-white bed, cradled by a lightly detailed headboard. You’ll be sleeping on cloud nine. (via Four Generations. One Roof)

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