As if you needed another reason to brunch, we’re giving you one anyways. Summer puts everyone in the party mood, and the late-morning-slash-early-afternoon meal is the ultimate starting point for #roséallday. Ready to party but not sure what to serve? Set the table, pick out a wow-worthy outfit, and get your grocery list going ’cause we’re sharing everything you need to know to plan the perfect summer brunch menu.

1. Start with an appetizer. Even if you plan to serve up main dishes inside, give your guests a chance to enjoy the warm weather with a tasty nibble like deviled eggs. This also creates a window for you to finish up any last-minute items. (Recipe via Striped Spatula)

2. Lean toward the lunch part of brunch. Don’t be afraid to veer more toward. lunch than breakfast. Warm weather and longer days mean people are up and about earlier. By the time that brunch hour rolls around, your guests will be ready for something savory. We’re partial to a classic combo like these chipotle honey chicken and waffle sliders. (Recipe via The Pioneer Woman)

3. Embrace grill weather. The BBQ isn’t just for afternoon cookouts; there are plenty of delicious recipes out there perfect for the morning hours. Skip dishes that are heavy on sauces and spice, and opt for light but satisfying dishes like this grilled salmon sandwich. (Recipe via Peas & Crayons)

4. Or skip the cooking altogether. If temps in your area are skyrocketing, skip heating up the kitchen. Pick up bagels, schmear, and smoked salmon from a local shop for a DIY bagel bar. Or try these croissant sandwiches filled with Brie and strawberries for an elegant no-cook option. (Recipe via My Blue & White Kitchen)

5. Head to the farmers’ market. Take advantage of all that beautiful summer produce. A simple green salad or bowl of fresh berries is easy but keeps the menu on that seasonal trend. Check out this mojito fruit salad for a simple upgraded option. (Recipe via Iowa Girl Eats)

6. Keep drinks clean and light. Your beverages should be refreshing and offer a nice balance to any heavy dishes. Cocktails with citrus or herbal notes like this cucumber cooler are perfect for warm weather. (Recipe via Minimalist Baker)

7. Have plenty of non-alcoholic options on hand. Keep your guests hydrated in the heat. An agua fresca is delicious and festive. Plus, have you ever seen a prettier drink than this pineapple and peach version? (Recipe via How Sweet It Is)

8. Dessert is always appropriate. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, no party is complete without a sweet. ‘Tis the season for a fruit-based dessert like this blueberry buckle with lemon glaze. (Recipe via Foodiecrush)

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