The dog days of summer are most definitely upon us. Seriously, has anyone else noticed the sudden increase in back-to-school supply commercials and stockpiles of washable markers taking up more than their fair share of aisle space? But that doesn’t mean that the heat is done with us quite yet, which is precisely why we’ve prepared a roundup of some of the best summer lip treatment recipes out there. Gather your supplies: It’s kitchen beauty experiment time.

1. DIY Summer Lip Balm: Let’s start with the basics. This lip balm recipe includes a little extra SPF to protect your lips on beach days and the optional addition of Kool-Aid to add some extra flavor to the batch. (via Honest to Nod)

2. All-Natural Lip Balm: Protect and soothe chapped lips with this quick project. Vitamin E and tea tree oil – which act quickly to heal your lips and reduce the effects of sun damage – make this balm extra moisturizing. (via Free People Blog)

3. Lemonade Lip Stuff: The lemonade flavored frozen yogurt we ate yesterday has pretty much taken over our brains. We’re convinced that this lemon-scented essential oil is every bit as tempting. (via Smart Schoolhouse)

4. DIY Sugar Lip Scrubs: No matter the season, there’s something utterly refreshing about a good, sweet lip scrub. Aside from the fact that most of the ingredients listed can be found at the front of your pantry, these scrubs leave your lips feeling soft, smooth and ready for your favorite homemade balm. (via Brit + Co)

5. DIY Lip Scrub: Here’s another great option for exfoliation – this time with a quick video how-to and some sweet almond flavoring. And it’s a pretty pink color, which is always a good thing. (via PopSugar Beauty)

6. Homemade Lip Exfoliator: You can never have too many options for tackling those dry lips. This scrub is possibly the simplest of all and combines the healing properties of honey with the scrubbing strength of brown sugar to take care of peeling lips once and for all. Try not to eat it – we mean USE it – all in one sitting. (via Everyday Roots)

7. Sweet Honey Raspberry Lip Balm: Seasonal flavors, moisturizing strength and a little extra beeswax keep your beauty DIY from melting into a useless pile of sweetly-scented goo in the summer sun. This honey raspberry balm is calling our names. (via Just a Smidgen)

8. Citrus Lip Gloss: A little bit less buttery than your traditional balm, this homemade gloss is bright, energizing and adds just a touch of shine. (via Garden Therapy)

9. Chocolate Chip Lip Balm: Yes, those really are chocolate chips. And yes, you can eat them while you make this balm. Enough said. (via Shaken Together)

10. Coconut Sugar Lip Scrub: Don’t keep traditional sugar stockpiled in your pantry? Here’s one more exfoliating scrub for those of us who prefer to keep low glycemic options on hand. Bonus: Because of its grainy, slightly fibrous makeup, we think coconut sugar might just be the best exfoliator of all. Plus, coconut. (via Nutrition Stripped)

How are you treating your lips this summer? Let us know in the comments below!