Hot days, road trips and plenty of festivities are all a big part of summer. But for those of us with pets, it’s super important to keep them cool when temperatures start to rise. Just because you love basking in the hot summer sun all day doesn’t mean your pet wants to. They’re basically wearing a fur coat, for pete’s sake! Keep your pet cool, entertained and (most importantly) safe with these fun summer accessories.

1. Quick Shade ($40): If you’re headed to the lake or beach, make sure your dog has a cool place to stay. Paws can easily be burned from hot sidewalks and sand, so help a pup out and give them a place to lay off the ground. This bed gives some shade and sunburn protection, too.

2. Pet Floats ($130): Bring your pup to the pool and let him cool off on a pet float. Just don’t forget to watch ’em!

3. Doggie Bow Tie: This step-by-step tutorial can help you turn a few scraps of fabric into a festive summer collar for your pup. (via Stuff Steph Does)


4. Doggie Froyo: Summer isn’t the same without a cool, melting treat in your hand — same goes for your pet. Another dog-safe summer snack you might already have in your cooler is watermelon! (via Wit + Vinegar)

5. Bolt Automatic Laser Toy ($14): It’s very important to keep your pet inside when it’s hot out so that they don’t overheat. Keep your kitty active indoors with this high-tech laser toy.

6. PetChatz ($350): Long, busy days may mean leaving your pet bored and home alone. This device lets you FaceTime with your feline, Skype with your Shar-Pei… you get the picture. But seriously, we’ve been waiting for this.

7. Lui Cat Scratcher ($70): Hot months can mean lots of shedding. Yuck. It’s a hairy situation but this super modern cat scratcher can help your kitty shed easier.

8. Canvas Doggie Tote Bag: Take a simple tote and transform it into a friendly way to let your pet tag along. Side note: It’s only for smaller pets. Duh ;) (via Martha Stewart Living)

9. Collapsible Travel Cup ($10): Running on the beach or hiking the mountains is a great way for you and your furry friend to get some exercise. But just like humans, the more pets exercise the more water they need. This portable water cup will easily allow you to share your H2O.

10. Green Tennisbal ($8): More heat = more panting + drooling. Help their favorite bright ball last longer with this special grip.

11. Nautical Water Dog Toy Sets ($20): Before heading out to the beach, throw these sea-themed toys into the fridge for a few minutes. It’ll keep your pup cooler longer, and they’ll love the cold surprise.

12. Sleepypod Bed Carrier ($167): When taking a summer trip with your little pet, it’s nice to travel in style.

What are some easy ways to keep your pet cool this summer? Do you travel with your pets? Tell us in the comments!