We all know the story: Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Girl goes off on a backpacking trip to Europe with her sister and asks boy if he wants to come. He says he can鈥檛 but ends up surprising her there anyways. With flowers. And a gorgeous teardrop ring. Okay, so maybe this isn鈥檛 a normal love story. Scroll on to read just how this guy DIYed his romantic viral proposal.


1. Element of Surprise: According to the YouTube video description, 鈥淢y girlfriend was traveling Europe with her sister for a month straight. (We鈥檙e from the USA.) She asked me to go and I honestly said I couldn鈥檛 take work off. A few days after I told her I couldn鈥檛 make it I thought what a crazy way to propose鈥 surprise her in London.鈥 While tricking your girlfriend might not always be the smartest move, it definitely worked out in this case.


2. Find a Gorgeous Backdrop: Look at that view! And the sky! He couldn鈥檛 have chosen a more romantic spot.


3. Hire a Stellar Photographer: The entire experience was caught on camera by a photographer that the soon-to-be groom found on Reddit. He was able to capture the shock and happiness so well.

For the full proposal, check out the video below. Just a warning: You鈥檒l want to have tissue or two ready!

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(Photos via David E Damico)