January is the time when most people start seeing beachwear in stores. For those of us in colder climates, that can be a real slap in the face, considering we still have three (or more!) months of cold before we can even imagine not wearing 10 layers. Retailers usually pull out the summer wear this early for those of us lucky enough to be traveling in winter, and the swimsuit craze that’s popping up all over Instagram right now is the suit with a built-in fabric choker which is even less wearable than JLaw’s Passengers look. Because who cares about ugly tan lines, right?

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Yet again, we can thank (or blame) the Kar-Jenner clan for this look. While chokers are definitely having more than just a moment as a trend through the winter, we have to seriously caution against getting on board with it. While we can often fall in love with a look seen on a celebrity, not everyone truly considers the practicality of oddly cut swimwear, which can lead to disaster.

Case-in-point. This is a regular B+C contributor after she stayed out in the sun too long in an oh-so-cute but oddly cut swimsuit last summer. This burn turned into a “tan” of sorts that stuck through the remainder of the season. And it’s not like you’re going to want to wear a crew neck when it’s 90 degrees out, right?

So, while we’re super into seeing what might be trending for next summer, and while we totally love chokers, we’re thinking that choker + swimsuit = disaster.

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(h/t People Magazine; Photo via Don Arnold/Getty)