Taylor Swift’s direct involvement in the civil suit brought by DJ David Mueller is no more. After Swift chose to battle the case in court and countersued Mueller for a mere $1 for alleged sexual assault, US District Judge William Martinez ruled that the plaintiff failed to prove that Swift set out to get him fired from his job with allegations that he had groped her during a meet and greet backstage in 2013.

With a defamation of character claim having previously been thrown out, this “tort claim of interference with contractual obligations and prospective business relations” was the last charge standing against the “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” singer.

Though jurors will continue to hear Mueller’s case against Swift’s mother, Andrea, and radio personality Frank Bell, who were also named in the $3 million suit, Swift will no longer be a defendant in the case.

Swift’s countersuit will also move forward, according to FOX News.

The news comes after Thursday’s testimony from the pop star, who said that she was moving forward with her countersuit “as an example to women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating [acts].”

During the trial, the 27-year-old repeated her allegations that Mueller had assaulted her by allegedly reaching under her skirt and “grabbing her a**.” She also spoke assertively to Mueller’s legal team, saying, “I’m not going to allow your client to make me feel like it is in any way my fault, because it isn’t.”

Mueller, in turn, claimed that while he “may have touched Swift’s ribs,” he did not touch her inappropriately.

Closing remarks on the initial case are expected to be made on Monday.

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(h/t Rolling Stone; photos via Taylor Hill/Getty)