ICYMI: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris went on the most picturesque tropical vacay just a few days ago, but being the jet-setter she is, Taylor has now left the beach and returned to her family home for some extra chill time. Because when you’re a celeb, a “vacation from your vacation” can actually be a real thing.

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While getting in some quality couch time at mom and dad’s, Taylor shared a hilarious video with her mom’s dog, Kitty. In the video Taylor shared on Instagram she writes, “My mom’s dog is named Kitty. And yet, she is nothing like a cat.” The pup and T. Swift appear to have become fast friends, but that could really all come down to one factor: that can of whipped cream Taylor is snacking on.

If you told us Taylor’s favorite late night snack was slice of homemade cake or perhaps a brownie recipe handed down to her from her grandma, we’d totally believe you. But whipped cream straight from the can? Never. Then again, everyone has their guilty pleasures. This international pop star is 100 percent entitled to hers.

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