There is a super special question that all of us just might get asked in our lives if we鈥檝e found The One 鈥 鈥淚 love you soo much. It鈥檚 like no one knows me like you! Will you鈥 be my maid of honor?鈥 Taylor Swift took on MoH duties this weekend when childhood best friends Britany Maack and Benjamin LaManna (Tay knows Brit from birth and Ben from kindergarten <3) got hitched.

Taylor posted the sweet snap above from this weekend鈥檚 wedding celebration in Pennsylvania with the caption: 鈥淚 met her when I was 10 days old, and him in kindergarten. Now they鈥檙e married and I鈥檓 the happiest maid of honor ever. Congratulations @britmaack and Ben!鈥 (What, no wedding hashtag, guys?) The bridal party all wore beautiful embellished gowns in a pretty spring wedding-approved palette of what looked like blush and creme with Taylor and Brit the bride both in Reem Accra dresses, according to People.


鈥淚鈥檝e never been a maid of honor before,鈥 Taylor revealed in the People exclusive. 鈥淭his is my first time, and it鈥檚 really, really important to me because this is my best friend.鈥 With speech-giving skills down and crafty skills to boot if there were any DIY wedding elements, we bet Tay nailed her maid of honor debut. And at 26, words of wisdom from someone who knows, the squad leader should ready herself for a few (dozen) more over the next few years鈥

鈥楩ess up 鈥 do you think Taylor Swift is a better maid of honor than I am? Sigh. We want to see your wedding shots on the 鈥榞ram! Tag us on Instagram @britandco using hashtag #iamcreative!

(Photo via Anthony Harvey/Getty)