You guys, we’ve gone full circle when it comes to crazy cute baby-related videos. First, we had the cutest pregnancy announcement videoever, then there was the “9 Month Vine,” where mama went from pregnancy to newborn in hands in six seconds. And now we get to watch a year in the life of (now) toddler Teddy in under two minutes. Isn’t is crazy how fast they grow? The cuteness is almost too much to handle. You’d better watch it anyway ;)


Accompanied by your standard iMovie tune (heads up, ‘rents, this is vvvvvery DIYable!), Teddy captures your attention from the first seconds where he’s a mere six hours old (OMG AWWWWW!). As the video progress, you see Teddy grow until he is a full-on one-year-old. Catch the little guy yawning, sneezing, smiling, giggling, crawling, wiggling, rolling over, standing, walking/wobbling, eating, clapping, playing with his precious bestie (his dog Mavis, obviously) and finally indulging in a delicious-looking cake for his first birthday. How can so much adorableness be captured in one short video?! Fingers crossed for a sequel.

Check out even more of Teddy and the culinary attempts of his mama Amelia on Bon Appétempt.

Have you created a time lapse video of an important period in your life? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t TIME)