Forget the staged pictures – to announce the arrival of their newest family member, Kris and Kat Camillis ditched the postal service and shared the exciting news in a much more personal way.

The soon-to-be parents broke the news to friends and family by gathering them around under the pretense of a group of photo. But instead of snapping a pic, they stealthily switched to video mode and substituted “say cheese” for “Kat’s pregnant!” What ensued was an adorable array of “whaaat?!,” “really?” and “OMG!” (and of course a few happy tears).

The SF dwellers originally found out they were expecting back in September, but wanted to wait until the 12-week sonogram before revealing the news. Once the waiting period was over they spent eight weeks visiting and secretly filming their loved ones’ reactions.

Baby Camillis isn’t due until May 22, but with the video quickly approaching a million views, it looks like a lot of people will be anxiously awaiting his arrival.

What’s the most creative pregnancy announcement you’ve seen lately? Share a link with us!

(h/t ABC News)