As if we needed another reason to absolutely adore model Tess Holliday (have you SEEN her People cover?). With her body-positivity movement in full force, the new mom isn’t just motivating us to get our best bikini bodies ready — she’s also keeping us inspired as hell with her bad*ss parenting at the Women’s March this past weekend.

In a recent Instagram post, Holliday is following the lead of fellow model Candice Swanepoel by sharing a breastfeeding snap of herself taken by her friend at the LA Women’s March, along with the caption, “Breastfeed anywhere.” Where many are fighting to keep women’s rights in an abstract sense, Tess is fighting for the specific right to breastfeed in public without fear of repercussions.

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An outspoken activist, we love Holliday’s way of just cutting right to the chase with her words. She took things one step further when she edited her IG post after receiving comments telling her she should have covered up, saying, “Edited to add: Those saying that I should ‘cover up,’ You mean when I’m breastfeeding MY baby who was a) hungry & b) screaming because he was overly tired & the crowd overloaded his senses & it was the only way to comfort him?! I will feed my child anywhere I want. Also CA state law protects me to do so. Keep your uneducated opinions off my body.”

You tell ’em, Tess!

Have you been personally attacked for breastfeeding in public? Tell us how you dealt with it @Britandco!

(h/t People, photo via Joshua Blanchard/Getty)