This week was a doozy for the Internet. From invisible tattoos to Hall & Oatesmeal, April Fools’ was a day filled with disgusting and delightful pranks, including our own slammin’ ’90s transformation! But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of room for an assortment of goodies to fill up the BritList ;)

1. Harper + Lola: First up, we will never stop being floored by creative photo projects featuring kids. This time, Harper and her dog Lola adventure through each room of her house, filled with color every step of the way.

2. Kaleidoscope Portraits: It’s a good week for photo series. How crazy are these kaleidoscopic portraits by Norg Nodis?

3. Shipping Container Guest House: Now this is a genius move for a guest house. This architect transformed an old shipping container into a mod cottage, complete with a porch!

4. Magnetic Wallpaper: Part art installation, part home innovation, these magnetic panels are covered with metal mesh that allows you to move it into any design you wish.

5. David Beckham for H&M: Um yeah. So we’re supposed to be telling you about how David Beckham launched a swimwear line with H&M but… we just want to look at all those tatts.

6. DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler are Real Life BFFs: Sometimes the universe is awesome. And this time, it’s the fact that DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler are real life besties that makes us smile.

7. Coffitivity: Need some white noise in your work day? Then you might want to head to Coffitivity, a site that creates a gentle murmur in your headphones to make you more productive.

8. Frozen Peas Ice Ball Mold ($18): We love innovative kitchen tools, and this sweet pea pod claims to make the perfect ice ball.

9. Airbag Jacket ($600): Now this is a jacket innovation we can get behind. Designed for motorcyclists, this jacket has an airbag built right into it.

10. Personalized Rolling Pin ($56): Love making cookies? Or know someone who does? Then you/they probably need a personalized rolling pin.

11. Baby Suiting: This Instagram trend rules. That’s all.

12. Power Drill Apple Peeler: And finally, see how one chef is making his kitchen even more efficient.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this week? Talk to us in the comments below.