Good morning readers! In case you haven’t looked at the Internetz yet today, it is National Donut Day. While this is hardly cause for a day off, it IS a very reasonable reason for every website you know and love to obsess over donuts. And… for you to bring a dozen into the office. Come on, you know you want to. Oh and since it’s Friday, it’s also time for the BritList. Enjoy.

1. Just Keep Making ($36): We love this so much. It’s a mantra that is constantly buzzing in our ears around these parts.

2. Emoji Album Covers: What would Queen and the Beatles think of their classic albums being reinterpreted, emoji style? We think they’d get right on board — they were pretty progressive like that ;)

3. DMX Cross Stitch ($48): This juxtaposition always kills us.

4. Beet Ombre Clutch ($55): Swoon! This would make the perfect summer wedding date.

5. Rappers With Puppies: Single-serving Instagram accounts are the new Tumblr. We said it.

6. Phonies Photo Series: This series turns celebrity selfies into phony ones by placing them in front of everyday people. We like.

7. Meadow Mat Picnic Blanket ($39): This colorful roll will make all your summer picnic dreams that much prettier.

8. Subway Alphabet: This playful alphabet by Pauline Detarvernier uses the subway maps of Paris, London and Moscow to create Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

9. Beautiful Patchwork Furniture: Patchwork doesn’t just apply to quilting these days. These beautiful pieces by kith&kin will make you rethink the whole “shabby chic” aesthetic.

10. John Mayer Covering Beyonce: And finally, if you haven’t listened to this yet. Do it now. And go ahead and admit to the fact that this may have just turned you back into a John Mayer fan.

Bonus! A kitten stopped by our office today and it was basically the cutest thing ever. That is all.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen, watched or listened to on the Internet this week? Share a link with us in the comments below.